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Zero Tolerance

 DASC Zero Tolerance Policy


The Dillsburg Area Soccer Club is a non-profit community soccer organization. We are committed to
fostering a passion for the game by providing a safe, fun environment where our players can learn the
value of teamwork, achieve individual success and develop a strong ethic of good sportsmanship.

Representing the Dillsburg Area Soccer Club (DASC), we the Officers have decided to create a means for dealing with unruliness in our club. Our intention is a violence and obscenity-free atmosphere that can be enjoyed by parents, family members, coaches, referees, and children alike. To that end, we have enacted the following zero tolerance policy:

Unacceptable conduct:
• Obscene or abusive language spoken loud enough for others to hear, whether directed at game officials, coaches,      players or spectators.

• Abusive actions or language directed at referees.

• Fighting or threats of violence toward anyone.

• Unwillingness to abide by club policies and rules and league rules.

Consequences of exhibiting above conduct:
Any person exhibiting the above behaviors will be asked to leave the fields for the balance of the game, the first time a violation is noted. An incident report will be filed with the club and league and kept on file.

If a second offense is noted, the violator will be required to leave the field on a permanent basis. That person will not be permitted back onto the fields for the rest of the season. If the violator refuses to leave the fields, the affected soccer match will either be suspended or forfeited. If there is still a problem, local law officials will be called.

An offense at the end of the season will carry consequences to the next season in which the person is active in the club. Anyone who is removed for the season after their second violation must appear before the Officers for reinstatement.

Questionable conduct may be reported by anyone to a coach, referee, club official or league official.

Repeat offenders may be denied access to future DASC activities.

Authority for removal from the fields will be a joint decision between the coaches, head official and club official.

The DASC attempts to foster good sportsmanship and provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and enjoying the sport of soccer for our Dillsburg youth. The above policy is an attempt to enforce that atmosphere.

This policy is enforceable at any facility where a club team is participating in an event.

Parents, Players, and Coaches

Please read and discuss the above Zero Tolerance policy together and then sign this document. In doing so, you agree to abide and follow the Dillsburg Area Soccer Club’s Parents’/Guardians’ Code of Conduct. In addition, by signing this document you are taking full responsibility for your family members and guests who accompany you to any DASC soccer event (practices, games, tournaments, awards ceremonies, etc.)

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