HMMS Memorial Day Shootout

††††† The HMMS Youth Soccer Association would like to invite your team to our 32nd annual HMMS Memorial Day Shootout on Memorial Day weekend, May 24 & 25, 2014. The tournament will be held in and around the Mechanicsburg area. The HMMS Youth Soccer Association is a member of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, and US Youth Soccer. This is a US Youth Soccer sanctioned the tournament.

The Tournament's World Cup format features two rounds of play.

Qualification Round: Teams will be randomly placed into Four Team Pools for a round-robin tournament format during which each team plays three 20-minute games. Teams are awarded points based on their wins, losses, and ties. Total points earned are used to seed the teams into Eight Team Divisions for the Championship round of play.

Championship Round: Each eight team division will start its own series of championship elimination games on Saturday afternoon. The four winning teams will advance into Sundayís winnersí bracket and the four losing teams will move into the losersí bracket. In Sunday's Championship round's elimination format; one team will advance from the losersí bracket to challenge the team from the winnersí bracket for the division championship. Teams will play at least 3 championship round games. All games are now 40-minute games and drawn matches are decided by a Shootout format.

Eligibility: The tournament is open to club/travel teams that play during the 2014 Spring season and belong to their local, state, and national association and have current validated player passes. Three guest players are permitted at U9 through U12 playing 8v8. Four guest players are permitted at U13 through U14 playing 11v11.

Age Group: The tournament age groups are listed below for both Boys and Girls. Your team's age group is determined by using the August 1, 2013 date.

U-09 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 2004

U-10 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 2003

U-11 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 2002

U-12 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 2001

U-13 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 2000

U-14 Girls & Boys Born on or After August 1, 1999

Awards: All teams and players will receive awards. Individual player trophies will be awarded to all division champions, second, & third place teams. Fourth through eighth place teams will receive individual medals.

Application: The tournament entry fee is:

$570.00 for U-09 and U-10 teams

$590.00 for U-11 and U-12 teams

$600.00 for U-13 and U-14 teams

A check or money order made payable to HMMS must be received no later than two weeks after you have applied online. You may also pay online with a credit card. The tournament fee is non-refundable after team selections have been announced. The tournament selection committee on a space available basis will accept teams. Each age group space is limited so apply online as soon as possible. A complete set of tournament rules are posted on the web site. It is the intention of the tournament committee to use a three-person referee system in all age groups. We do reserve the right to substitute club linesmen if necessary.

Deadline:Applications will be accepted until 5/03/2014 or until age groups are filled.